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It really is less than twenty-four several hours until valentine’s, by today, the women are lining up around the neighborhood hoping for a good glimpse from Autostraddle’s most desirable reader (which is you!). Absolutely one toting a guitar, ready to serenade 90’s girl band favorites. Another provides a plate of delicious-looking
Raspberry Coconut Female Bait
. A third provides a lean Moleskine tucked under the woman supply.

A few of these women desire to be your Valentine. But exactly how would you choose which to select?

Listed here is my personal information. Whenever browse through the weighty bunch of programs posted from the many individuals hoping to love you, keep in mind: journaling is actually hot.

The reason why, you’ll ask?

1. Nothing is more attractive than an aura of secret.

I’ll admit that it’s likely that my personal youth involved a higher than average few secret novels (

The Boxcar Young Ones

was actually my personal gateway medication). But also people that only a little less thinking about detectives, red-colored herrings, and

femmes fatales

must appreciate the selling point of intrigue! What is she creating where laptop? Provides she actually pointed out me personally? How exactly does she experience lengthy strolls through aisles of investor Joe’s? Journals tend to be chock full of secrets, incase that you do not appreciate the appeal of a secret…well, you probably aren’t scanning this column.

I said mystery was actually hot. (Via

Offsite link:

2. People that journal understand what they really want.

The whole process of recording your thoughts and feelings using a pencil and report (or that matter, a stylus and tablet) attracts all of us to take care to think about our desires. When we are reaching other folks, our company is continuously thinking of their needs: How can I wow this lady? So what does he expect me to say? With this publications, we have been beholden to our selves alone— and also in that secure area, we are able to own our very own needs.

It Is a cliché
to declare that people that understand what they need are more effective intimate partners…but that does not mean the cliché cannot be correct. Should you tell your log what you need, you’ll be much better capable tell your lover what you want—whether that’s what need during sex or what you want for supper. Much better interaction contributes to a better commitment, which often, contributes to another valentine’s go out for then February 14th.

3. She looks pretty whenever she is focusing.

The one and only thing sexier than an attractive woman writing in her diary is actually a stylish woman writing in her diary while dressed in a sleeveless mock turtleneck. (Via
Planet Ivy

Remember accurately those angsty highschool days, as soon as you regularly sneak peeks at your crush as she dutifully finished her mathematics test or copied down records on the posts of Confederation? In AP English, you composed a sonnet toward furrow in her eyebrow, and when from the correctly, you accustomed lie awake through the night swooning around method her bangs dropped over her temple whenever she was actually bent over her notebook.

Certain, most of us look wonderful inside our Saturday night most readily useful, but I am securely of the view the “hard of working authorship during my journal appearance” is equally as hot as that new leather-jacket.

4. might love checking out her childhood diaries.

Those images of her along with her aunt finger-painting that she posted throughout the ‘gram last Throwback Thursday are pretty darn cute—but only hold off and view how much cash even more endearing truly whenever she breaks on her diary through the 1998 class season.

Just to illustrate.

5. she actually is got a brain.

A lovely girl exactly who decides to publish in her own free-time is undoubtedly someone who values terms, terms, and more words. She is introspective, and uses her mind to believe deep feelings, all of which implies that, in my own publication (pun intended), she’s pretty freaking wonderful.

All of that practice explaining the woman thoughts does mean she’s most likely fantastic at composing love emails. And just who could not carry out with some more of those who work in their mid-February life?

Date a girl who journals, my personal dear queer diarists. You will not be sorry.

Dear Queer Diary
is actually a column regarding the joys (and sporadically, the aches) of journaling. We break start our small laptops and use the rainbow-colored pens about typical, very get ready to limber up your creating fingers and document all gorgeous feelings!

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